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Ragged Quilt Gallery

These quilts were created by us and by our customers over the past few years.  This is a sampling of the many different looks you can create with rag style homespun.  Some fabrics are still available but many are not.


rag quilt bright colors

ragged style quilt with flower applique

shabby patchwork quilt

seaside ragged quilt

rag quilts

raggedy caramel quilt

ragged christmas quilt

primitive christmas snowman quilt

primitive christmas snowman quilt 2

bright pink patchwork ragged quilt with applique

bright shabby rag quilt

patchwork ragged quilt

primtive rag quilt


bright raggedy shabby quilts

ragged shabby quilts 2


tuscan rag quilt

tuscan raggedy patchwork quilt

primitive patchwork quilts

primitive shabby quilt

rag quilt, primtive style

rag patchwork quilt primitive style

raggedy shabby primtive quilt

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