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Fabric Mask

This mask pattern has been developed especially for our local school district food service workers.  Please note that we do not represent this as a medical mask but it can be helpful for many situations.



Instructions for Siloam friends:

The following instructions are for face mask kits that were distributed locally in our community.  If you do not have a kit, fabric cutting dimensions are at the end of this tutorial.

 The contents of each kit looks similar to this:


To make one mask:

  1. Fold the pre-cut fabric in half lengthwise and stitch 5/8" seam from the edge opposite the fold.  Leave the other two sides open as shown in the pic.



  2. Turn to put the raw seams on the inside and press.


  3. Now the top and the bottom are finished off but the two sides are still raw edges.  Pin and stay stitch the raw edges on both sides.  This can either be a zigzag stitch or a straight stitch.



  4. Fold in 1/4" of each raw edge toward the center and press.


  5. Now fold these edges again, this time folding it 5/8". Press again.  This will make a casing for the elastic.


  6. Pin the folded sides in place and stitch close to the folded edge.



  7. Cut two pieces of elastic, 9" long if you have Large size masks; 8.5" long if you have Medium size masks.  The size of the masks is written on the outside of your kit.

  8. Using a bodkin or a safety pin, thread one piece of elastic through the casing on one side. 


  9. Stitch the raw edges of the elastic together.



  10. Pull the stitched part of the elastic inside the casing and stitch through one opening of the casing and the elastic to lock it in place.



  11. Gather the fabric up on the elastic until the gathered space is about 2.5-3 inches.  Stitch the elastic and opening again on this side to lock in place.  NOTE- Don't stretch the elastic inside the casing when stitching to lock down.  Stretching it there will make the elastic too long when the mask is worn.




  12. Repeat steps 8-11 on the other side of the mask.


  13. Please launder the masks before using or returning them so that they will shrink and fit appropriately.  Machine wash warm/ tumble dry.

* If you wish to use these instructions but you do not have a pre-cut kit, please note the following dimensions for UNWASHED homespun fabric.  Homespun fabric will shrink about 8-10% when washed.

  • Large size mask fabric:  17" x 12" unwashed homespun fabric
  • Medium size mask fabric:  16" x 11" unwashed homespun fabric

**If you want to use regular quilting cotton or any fabric other than homespun, you will want to cut the fabric pieces a little smaller since it will not shrink as much as homespun.