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Got a question?  We likely have an answer!  Check out these FAQ:


What makes homespun different from other quilting fabrics?

  • Homespun is a term that describes yarn dyed fabrics made with slightly thicker threads than most cottons.  It is woven in a traditional mill that mimics the primitive looser weaves of yesteryear.  The looser weave is what makes homespun fabric fray so beautifully in rag style projects.  Regular quilting cottons will not fray.

Do I need to prewash my homespun fabric?

  • That's entirely up to you.  The homespun will shrink about 8-10% when washed.  If you just account for that in the final measurements of your project, it's usually easier to work with the homespun before it is washed and it's still a little stiff from the manufacturing starch.  However, if you are combining it with any other type of fabric, you'll want to prewash BOTH fabrics and get the shrinking out of the way because most fabrics will not shrink as much as homespun.

How do I download my digital pattern purchase?

  • Log into the website and click on the account icon at the top right of the page.  This will take you to a list of your orders.  Click on your most recent order #.  On that next page, you will see the details of your order.  There will be an arrow symbol next to each downloadable product.  Click on the arrow to download.

How much fabric do I need for my project?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have time to provide custom calculations.  However, our rag quilt instructions page has a great chart for calculating common sizes.  If you are doing your own calculations, remember to subtract about 1.25 inches from the size of each square to account for the seams.  Also remember that your project will shrink about 8-10% with the first wash.

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping is based on total weight of your order and destination.  To calculate the shipping for your order just add the items you want to the cart.  There is a link in the lower right of the cart page that will calculate your exact shipping before proceeding to checkout.

Why is shipping so much?

  • We only charge what the post office or UPS is charging us.  We do not add in any additional fees.  The shipping is based on the total weight of your order and the destination.  We ship from Siloam Springs, Arkansas so locations closer to us will cost less.  Further away will cost more.  We choose to use calculated shipping so that we can keep our product prices as low as possible.  Other stores that may offer free shipping have added the shipping cost into the price of the product.  

Can I get samples?

  • Yes!  A sample is one of the options on the drop down selector on the individual fabric pages.  If you see that a sample is not available for that product then the fabric you are looking at has either been discontinued or is about to temporarily go out of stock for a while.

Can I cover chair seats or make towels with your homespun fabric?

  • Our homespun fabric is light weight and perfect for quilts, clothing and craft projects.  However, we do not recommend it for seat coverings, cushions or towels.  We do not carry the heavier homespun that would be required for those projects.

Do you sell your fabrics wholesale?

  • We offer a bulk discount of 10% on most fabrics when you purchase 15 yards or more of the same fabric.  The shopping cart will automatically adjust the per yard price when 15 yards of one item is added.